Quarks, Leptons & Bosons : Quarks, Leptons & Bosons curated by Norbert Filep

5 August - 12 September 2023
The exhibition is made by Jecza in collaboration with Himera.ro and is curated by Norbert Filep.
The curiosity to explore artistic practices, characterised by the freshness found in the dynamics of new generations of artists, forms the visual ensemble that defines the exhibition. It highlights various media and conceptual approaches of young artists, which contribute actively to the expansion of contemporary cultural models.
Just like quarks, leptons & bosons come together to form the universe, this exhibition brings together the works of 15 talented emerging artists to create a unique visual experience: Mihaela Coandă, Sînziana Coșoianu, Călin Dumitrașcu, Matei Emanuel, Ingrid Farcaș, Ana Ionescu, Petra Martin, Marta Mattioli, Dávid Miholcsa, Marius Dan Moga, Adriana Pop, Maria Stoica, Mihail Șarpe, Diana Șinteuan și Alex Todirică.
The exhibition is open all summer until September 12th.
Installation Views