The Unpleasant Show: Curatorial Team: Andrei Jecza and Simona Abagiu Artists: Sasha Robert Bandi | Dan Beudean | Mi Kafchin Cristian Opriș | Radu Oreian | Raluca Popa Lea Rasov

10 March - 16 June 2018 Jecza Gallery
The curatorial team of the exhibition, composed of Andrei Jecza and Simona Abagiu, explores the (non)limits of drawing today and its placement within contemporary artistic practices.

The Jecza Gallery has the honor of inviting you to the opening of the exhibition "The Unpleasant Show."
Opening: Saturday | March 10th | 7:00 PM | Jecza Gallery


Often undisclosed to the public, drawing is perhaps the most intimate element of artistic practice, exposing the decisions, indecisions, and indiscretions of a "loudly voiced record." Its difficulties in definition reflect the undecided status of its process, practices, and objects. We find drawing as an investigative act of search, as a form of social and political discourse, as prefiguration and mapping of ideas, as a road sign, as the graphic language of advertising, as a safety guide in aircraft, and much more. This fluency of visual language must be developed, cultivated, and provoked, equivalent to any other important means of communication.


With a history as vast as the history of culture, the act of drawing remains a primordial and fundamental means of translating, documenting, recording, and analyzing the inhabited world, both external and internal. Also, the act of looking at a drawing allows us to experience the mapping of another's experience, the testimony of their world that they share with us. The transfer of ideas, either from a concept onto a surface or through a message, means knowledge. Looking means knowledge, and drawing teaches you to look.

Installation Views