Ioan Aurel Muresan- Megalos Aselinos. The Rediscovered Bay: curated by Vladimir Bulat

27 September - 12 November 2023 Jecza Projects

We are thrilled to welcome Ioan Aurel Muresan for a second time this year at the gallery with a new solo exhibition. Opening on September 24th,  "Megalos Aselinos. The Rediscovered Bay", curated by Vladimir Bulat, in the space of Jecza Projects. 


“Mureșan's works reveal a remarkable series of recent canvases created between 2022 and 2023, inspired by a summer trip to Greece. Megalos Aselinos is an actual beach in Skiathos, and Mureșan enthusiastically exclaimed, "this is my beach!"


As you admire these paintings, you'll sense the pure air and the roughness of the volcanic stones on the shore, the solidity of the place and the transience of everything in motion. The moment coexists with permanence, and the stone vibrates with the breath.


Ioan Aurel Mureșan has translated thoughts into colors, turning moments into precise gestures. Painting becomes a reason for joy, capturing the chromatic play, the rest, the immersion in water, the gaze towards the horizon, the relaxation under the umbrella, and the exit from the frame.” – text by Vladimir Bulat.

Installation Views