In and Out, Out and In – curated by Ami Barak: curated by Ami Barak

14 October - 18 December 2022

Jecza Gallery brings to the public a new exhibition having photography as a medium of artistic expression at its core: In and Out, Out and In.


Michele Bressan, Mircea Cantor, Dani Ghercă, Matan Mittwoch, Anca Munteanu Rîmnic, Pusha Petrov, Joanna Piotrowska, Decebal Scriba, Bruno Serralongue, subREAL


 Curator Ami Barak explains the title of the exhibition In and Out, Out and In by referring to one of Lawrence Wiener’s major works which begins as follows. The statement, as supported by the artist, makes it possible to interpret the meaning of the words to give the work another form. In this way, the artist speaks of “taking control” of the work. Every place has an outside and an inside, and the same is true of a work of art, especially a photographic work.


The image is at the heart of the artists’ reflections in In and Out, Out and In. The exhibition aims to combine the double and reversible states of each artist’s projects, establishing games of tension and oscillations between real and fictional, collective and intimate, exterior and interior, both in time and space.

Installation Views