Transforming – Beate Winkler

15 September - 7 October 2022 Jecza Gallery

Beate Winkler is not concerned with sounding out a rational representationalism, but with gaining graphic experience as world experience and world experience as graphic experience. It is precisely the symbolically unidentifiable, vague, indeterminate, open, but also uncertain nature of her works that are indicators of a current state of mind.
Her works contain within themselves what we desire from art without being allowed to expect from it: the longing for paths into the free of existence. - Carl Aigner, Director of the State Museum of Lower Austria

Jecza Gallery and the Austrian Cultural Forum would like to invite you at the first show of this autumn, „Transforming” by the european artist Beate Winkler. Join us on 15th of September at 19:00 at Jecza Gallery in Timisoara to celebrate together with the artist the opening of the exhibition.

Beate Winkler sees her art in constant dialogue and relation with change. In times of dramatic rush and uncertainty, she deliberately chooses “old” materials such as handmade paper and colored ink – time-tested resources, materials resisting to the flow of time. In this way, she consciously exposes her works to processes of change during their creation, which she does and, at the same time, does not control. Parts of her paintings are not visible because they are either rolled up, slammed in books or even drawn on the back. In designing her works, she explores new perceptual possibilities and sets them in motion. By hanging them in open spaces, she makes the colored rolls float – taking up the vision and longing for flying. New forms and images appearing from these cylinders of handmade paper create a space for free associations, change the visual perception and show the power of possibilities. The white paper is a symbol of inspiration, of a constant process of rethinking and creating: an impulse for our society to respond creatively and openly to situations of change.

Beate Winkler aims to an interaction with her art: visitors are invited to write their hopes for a new social cohesion on a small painting made on handmade paper. All these wishes will then be put into a “Box of Future” and, later on, installed on a wall: the wall of dreams for a new TOGETHER. The thoughts and reactions resulted from this interaction will be exhibited at “Sala 2” of Timișoara National Theater, in December 2022 part of the FEST-FDR.

This exhibition is part of Austrian Cultural Forum`s #newTogether— Arts&Society Dialogue Project and supported by Jecza Gallery.

Installation Views