Ioana Sisea – We are both to blame, but it’s more your fault: curated by Carmen Casiuc

29 June - 6 September 2019


"We are both to blame but it’s more your fault"  is a series of soap artworks. Starting from a personal archive of messages kept in a journal, Ioana Sisea analysed the process of dilution as a way to erase certain memories. The texts written on the soap blocks represent an analysis of the psychological process of externally modifying something that needs to be changed internally. The phrases fixed in the mind are now also fixed on soap, a material easier to handle than one's own thoughts.

In the series "We are both to blame but it’s more your fault", artist Ioana Sisea conceives poems in homemade soap from the painful words she received from her former romantic partners, which echo in her memory or those she noted in her journal. Using the saponification recipe learned from her grandmother, she has obsessively made more than seven hundred kilograms of natural soap. Ioana transforms all the words of her former lovers that have imprinted themselves, almost physically, in her mind, frustrating her own feelings, into seals with which she signs the pieces of soap. And in the process of melting them, the language becomes melody - a flow through which anonymous secular quotes reveal themselves to us as short verses of endless poetry." - Carmen Casiuc.


Artist Statement:
”Starting from a personal archive of messages kept in a diary, I analysed the dilution process as a way of deleting memories. The texts are written on blocks of soap and signify an exploration of the psychological process of altering emotions. Past dialogue fixed in the mind is now fixed on soap, a material easier to handle than one’s own thoughts.

“I told you I love you, but I exaggerated”
“From one to ten I love you seven-eight’’ 
“You’re not good enough but you can change”

The soap is placed on generous and almost surgical tables, covered with a fine layer of water. In this way, the melting process (associated with cleaning or disappearance) can begin. The words on soap represent the reverse of a mantra, they are the things you try not to think about, but inevitably, they become assimilated in our emotional structure’.’


Music: Angel Jivcu
Partners: VinilotecaCalabria Entertainment

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