This Could Be It – Mircea Popescu & Roman Cotoșman: curated by: Andrei Jecza Artists: Mircea Popescu | Roman Cotoșman

21 July - 21 September 2018

The exhibition starts from an idea by Adela Maria Marius and was presented by art historian Simona Abagiu and writer Marcel Tolcea. "It might be a coincidence, but certain things speak for themselves. Two artists from different generations, backgrounds, and training passively confront their individualities, leaving the viewer to interpret. Disabling the eye in Cotoșman enhances the activation of the eye in Popescu. The formal and detailed analysis of Cotoșman's geometry complements Popescu's Lettrist and Superflat semantics. The simplification of forms and architectural relationships (Cotoșman) strengthens Popescu's superimposed form, both specifically using the full/empty visual language. The juxtaposition of the two artists may seem audacious, but it can also be a way of treating the old through the new and vice versa. We invite you, therefore, on a journey where your eye will require accommodation to the quantity of visual refraction, where form and color will grip the retina as a sublimation of visual sensations," emphasizes art historian Simona Abagiu.



The opening was accompanied by the music of Drummer in Cosmos, with the support of partners from Calabria Entertainment. The exhibition is generously supported by Policolor Romania and can be visited, with prior appointment, until September 20th.

Installation Views