"Clavier in the Garden: The Wandering Gaze" offers a deep dive into the complex system of references that has consistently guided Constantin Flondor's artistic path for nearly five decades. This exhibition connects various phases of his work, showcasing how his persistent inquiry into the essence of imagery and experimentation with visual language has evolved.

Drawing from diverse fields such as mathematics, structuralism, semiotics, and bionics, the exhibition partially reconstructs the problematic framework of the pictorial grammar characterizing Flondor's recent artworks. Evoking the significance of lessons from nature and music, these references nourish the knowledge revealed through his art in an almost secretive manner.

Flondor's exhibition introduces a wide array of works created between 1953 and 2024, capturing the attention with their fluidity in responding to the rational demand to analyze, translate, and visually recode the perception of sound material or natural stimuli. The joy of contemplation is evident throughout his work, which ranges from musical sketches and pedagogical notations to compositions that conceptually reorganize sound pieces, and from drawings that almost ritually record the energies and dynamics of natural space to painting constellations where awe alternates with study.

February 29, 2024