Vladiana Ghiulvessi

Vladiana Ghiulvessi (1994, Baia Mare) has a degree in ethnology from Cluj-Napoca Technical University and a master degree, specialization in Painting at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca. She lives and works in Baia Mare.

The paintings of Vladiana Ghiulvessi are built upon the vivid choreography of forms and colours. Their intimate plots expressed in large surfaces describe movements and moods that evoke an analytical practice. In her visual grammar the corporeality of forms is always linked with the sensitivity of colours. Thus, the corpus of images prompted by Ghiulvessi enables the embodiment of a condensed alphabet explored in various pictorial configurations. However, what intrigues the viewer is the tension produced by the asymmetry of forms, their fluid intersectional geometry and the psychological attribute of colours. The emerging visual connections that occur in her works conjure the appearances of radiant montages that are constantly transforming themselves, in an apparent aleatory motion, stimulating our sensuous knowledge. As such, her work is being developed in series, one image being renewed by another, one narrative being continued by another. (text by Alina Serban)


Vladiana Ghiulvessi (b.1994)

Lives and works in Baia Mare, Romania 


2009-2013 - Baia Mare Arts High School, Romania 

2014-2017 - Degree in cultural studies - Ethnology, Technical University of 

 Cluj-Napoca North University Center from Baia Mare, Romania 

2017-2019 - Self-taught studies in painting, Paris 

2019-2021 - Master’s university studies, Painting specialization - University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca,  Romania 


Solo shows

2024 - Jecza Gallery (scheduled June)


Group shows 

2024 - 24! Questions for the Concrete Present, curated by dr. Mathias Listl, Museum für Konkrete Kunst in Ingolstadt, Germany (scheduled March)

2023 - I Despise All Movement that Displaces Line, curated by Radu Comsa & Horatiu Lipot, Conector, Cluj Napoca, Romania

2022 - What matters to us (today), curated by Alina Serban, Jecza Gallery, Romania 

2021 - Group exhibition, present with the dissertation project “Silence and Peace”, Cluj-Napoca Painting Department, Romania 

2016 - Group exhibition “Prin”, UAP Gallery, Baia Mare, Romania